Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Most agreeable

Tail wind all the way home last night, very quick and a rather enjoyable commute, manky weather, 3 people tried to take me out but I still got home with a big grin on my face. Must be the wind assist, few and far between so gotta appreciate them when they do happen.

1. Car in the middle lane (of 3) stuck in traffic, passenger decided to open the door to get out as I was passing, close.
2. Leaving kearsley roundabout I take the next right so I keep to the right on the wide exit slip, car undertakes me then cuts me up cos he's going right too.
3. Approaching a pinch point (pedestrian island) lady in a car going slightly faster than me, started to overtake realised she wasn't going to pass me before the pinch so just drifted left into me. I calmly tapped on her window and made a few comments.

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