Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Last year Johnnie got himself some endura stealth longs, the ultimate in pant technology, waterproof softshell stuff that is a proper fit and cut for riding in. Match them up with some waterproof boots and jacket and you've got the perfect winter attire. But they cost an absolute mint and are overkill for 90% of even winter riding and I can put up with damp legs and wet feet can't I? Of course it's the other 10% that gets you reaching for you wallet, last night was like that. Chucking it down all afternoon and night, by the time I got home from work my shoes were full of water and my "waterproof" gloves were waterlogged. I was warm enough and could probably have managed another hour but then I'd have had enough. "No such thing as bad weather just bad clothing"....balls to that! just not enough funds for the very best clothing. I was out in the rain even longer than usual, because visibility was so bad I had to keep the speed down so no numpty ran into/pulled out on me. As it was some guy nearly got me, queue of oncoming traffic waiting to turn right, a 4x4 turned right in the (just about big enough) gap in front of me but nobhead tried tailgating him (due to the big 4x4 nob had no view of the road but went for it anyway), if I hadn't been smack bang in the middle of the road he wouldn't have seen me until it was too late, as it was I got a ermergency stop slide and a hand wave of apology - is that it? A wave? For nearly killing me? Thanks. Nobody was up for nightriding anyway so I didn't have to come up with excuses, see if I make it out tonight.

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samuri said...

heh! I totally picked the right week to create holes in myself. It's rained every day. I'm almost glad.