Thursday, 25 November 2010


Couldn't be arsed nightriding this week, it's getting just cold enough for offroad commuting now, 98% of the trail was frozen this morning, just a couple of puddles hadn't, lovely. Got in work quite clean, numb feet tho even with merino socks and neoprene overshoes, rubbish circulation I guess. Looking a bit milder at the moment, hope the mud hasn't defrosted. Looking forward to some snow (untill it ices over and later melts, I'll be bitching about it then) Hopefully get a proper ride in this weekend.


lowey said...


Weon said...

I think this is almost mu favourite time of year for riding. Frozen ground, crisp air, empty trails. I love it.

I just wish my bikes weren't blocked in by the massive pile of boxes in my shed.

Yep, that was really bad forward planning on my part!

D0NK said...

Hmm i think dry dusty trails still beat dry frozen trails, even if you have they're deserted in winter, but I guess it's close.