Wednesday, 27 October 2010

getting messy

Been a bit wet lately but bike needed a wash anyway so came in offroad and got absolutely covered in filth. Constant spray of water flicking up from front wheel, interestingly squirmy mud was now scarily slippy. Heading along the old canal I normally ride along the stone edging, about 14" wide fairly smooth stone easy normally but when it's wet or icey I get nervous and stiffen up and that can lead to mistakes, hopping over the missing stone was managed OK but I ended up moving away from the canal edge which led to my rear wheel slipping off. You know when you bump up a kerb at an angle and the rear wheel just slides along instead of bouncing up? It was like that but with a drop to water on the other side. Eeek! A bit shook up but I kept on the stones, now I love my hope lights very powerful I got a good deal on them but one downside is that their idea of a battery meter is waiting til it's nearly dead then dropping to minimum power and flashing - which is what happened whilst still on the canal stones, argh! Unable to see much I dropped onto the muddy trail at the side just as it turned into offcamber cobbles, front wheel went sideways (towards the canal obviously) and my head went towards the wall at the other side, just saved it with a dab. Phew. So by now my nerve had completely gone, I stopped and composed myself a little but without much light the rooty wooded section was scary, tyres kept sliding around roots I hadn't seen. Today the trail owned me, ah well, some you win some you lose.


Jason said...

Aww was hoping a bit of canal dunkage was going to happen :-)

D0NK said...

it was close!