Thursday, 4 November 2010

taking it easy

More of the same weather wise, I'd been wanting to get some hill climbs in, punish my legs a bit but again wussed out of a proper nightride, instead took the long route home. Rain was a bit lighter so my sub gold standard clothing was coping, went to smithills dean rd, not done the full climb before, 1mile dead straight, 120m of climbing, ooh that was hard without gears. Going along the tops my joystick was proving to be rubbish, rain blowing in my face, oncoming cars dazzling me, I couldn't see diddly, bit nervy. Was planning on going up edge lane too but after SD rd my legs refused, down to chorley new road into horwich and up chorley old, nice steady climb. Round the ring rd to stretch it out and home, legs feeling well worn.
This morning my legs are tired but my shoulder is frigged, been sore for a while now doc said muscle damage NSAIDs and take it easy, thrutching a singlespeed up steep hills it turns out isn't taking it easy, quite sore and stiff too. Damn.

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