Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Ooh ooh ooh me first!

Fresh tracks nearly all the way to work, seems like no-one could be bothered this morning, only one short section of offraod had footprints on it, most didn't even have animal tracks altho I did chase a rabbit for a while. Trouble is this snow is neither one nor t'other.
Not deep enough...
...for comedy handling.
...for nice soft landings.
...to turn the rest of the transport network to chaos instantly upgrading any cyclist commuter to godlike status.
but plenty deep enough...
...to make any blacktop very nervous for 2 wheelers
...to turn the whole place into and ice rink if the temp drops again
...to make it bloody hard work to ride in. Took well over 90 mins to get into work this morning, pitiful. Admittedly I'm tired after the weekends exertions but still, maybe 2.35 sticky downhill tyres aren't the best for snow. It needs to thaw out properly (yuck, nasty slush) or get some more proper snow on top otherwise we'll have a thick layer of ice for the next week or so, which if it then snows on top of will make it treacherous. Tonights ride isn't looking good, tired legs already, can't see me riding there, doing a ride then riding back and riding in tomorrow for my free ride2work breakfast. Hmm.

Update: Gaaaah, those big jessies at work have cancelled ride2work tomorrow, grr and indeed harumph!

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