Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Not very Zen

I was not transcending the mortal plane this morning, I did not reach nirvana during my singlespeed commute, the purity of monocogging completely failed to enrapture my beating heart. As I grovelled through a solid headwind with toasted legs, head bowed against the rain I was thinking gears would have made a bloody brilliant addition to the ride.
Nightride with Johnnie and Si last night, fairly short, pike, wildes, bastard climb, ICR, home. Si easing his way back into downhills, Johnnie recovering. Nasty wind at the pike but not bad elsewhere. I went back up AICR on my way home and it had got a lot worse, had to stop for an energy bar and legs felt proper drained this morning. Early this year I was knocking out commutes and nightrides no problem but at the moment it's killing me, guess I just need to push on through it. Just off for a caffeine boost to (hopefully) help propel my legs homeward. This morning it took me a pitiful 70minutes to do 14miles of (admittedly redlight heavy) road riding.

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lowey said...

You'll soon come round to my way of thinking young man!