Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Woohoo back on 2 wheels

Nice gentle ride into work yesterday, great to be back on a bike. Saw a guy on a fake-enger bike, quite tasteful actually, black, white and chrome, going up to a red light he did that kick skid thing fixie riders do so I was more than a little surprised as I caught up to see he had brakes and a freewheel! Bizarre. Just doing it for effect.

Going lee quarry again tonight with Si and another lad from work, he's a downhiller and he says he is going to show us how it's done. He owns a proper downhill bike but apparently he once fell off on a canal towpath, should be fun. I'll be joining him pushing up the hills, that'll force me to take it easy.


Red Bike said...

Whats a fake-enger?

I wouldn't even think about fixed wheel without a brake. Trying to get a fixie to stop with brakes is hard enough.

D0NK said...

Fakenger much maligned on STW as poseur bandwagon jumpers with stupid ugly bikes. Some get really wound up by them. See also "wearing your sisters jeans"


trio said...

Great news!

I'll be back out annoying you for evening rides after my race!

D0NK said...