Friday, 14 May 2010

Scary moment

Finally fitted the floats to the etsx, front end felt a bit high on the front street but yesterday I rode it to work to bed everything in and it felt fine. Nice and plush, caned it on the singletrack and loved the ride in. On the way home I hopped a raised kerb and dropped a foot or so to the road and heard a crunch, looked back and looks like I'd landed on a can but 5mis later dropping off a 2ft ledge I heard it again but more of a cracking sound. Eeek. Everything looked OK but there is a slight chip in the carbon swingarm. Rode slowly bouncing up and down on it with all my weight and sure enough heard the terminal sounding crack a few more times. First thought was "oh dear, frames dead" I'm ashamed to say my second thought was "ooooh what can I get to replace it" Anyway on further inspection I found the shock bolt was a little loose, tightened it up and didn't hear a peep for rest of ride, will keep an eye on it.

I rode the loop at drinkwater park on the way home, original loop is finished but they are still putting in some rocky diversions and not sure how much more stuff they'll be adding. Short but sweet, blue grade mainly with one swoopy red bit, good for introducing kids/newbies to riding but for regulars not worth travelling to but well worth a diversion if you're riding nearby.

Oh yeah and blood sugar levels plummeted as I got near home, some proper dizzyness going on, straight to the shop for cake - seriously peeved to not find any, why can't you get a decent slab of fruit cake at chain shops anymore (I tried spar and tesco express) had to make do with 4 bakewell tarts to cure the shakes.

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