Friday, 28 May 2010

Looking up

Lets draw a line under the last few weeks doom and gloom, this week has been rather good, tuesday we took charlie for a visit at the nursery then had a drive, was heading for blackpool via the scenic route, got lost lots but found a nice pub in Treales and had some posh nosh. Went to lytham next, parked up near the windmill and had a bit of a walk where we found Lytham just has mud flats no beach so on to sand dunes at St Annes. We introduced Charlie to sand which he loved, sea was about 5miles out so didn't bother paddling. Headed for home stopping in at fredericks for ice cream nyom nyom. Saw a road group doing lands end to John o Groates (also refuelling on frederick's finest) had a chat with them, also noticed their support van was loaded with cake :-)

Out for a chinese on weds ate way too much. Charlies first day at nursery thursday, he was fine, he enjoyed it and got on with everyone. Then I nipped out for a quick ride. More riding planned for weekend including hopefully a Father and son ride with Johnnie and his boys too.

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Julbags said...

Yep, Lytham is posh but is just the end of the Ribble estuary and mud. The sand flats at St Annes are awesome, just a shame there is so much razor shell debris around.