Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Well that didn't go to plan

Me and Si showed a Ryan from work round Lee Quarry, he's got a kona stab downhill monster bike that weight about the same as Si and My bikes put together, he hardly ever rides it but was still bigging himself up beforehand so needed putting in his place :-) He huffed and puffed up the climbs pushes but he tore down everything quite easily, including the black run into the quarry (and the skinny off the end) ballsy little beggar. We went to the pump track and I decided to find out if you could manage a pump track on a downhill bike, the answer is "yes" sort of, managed 2 laps ok but only just. Pushed to the top of the steep hill I did last time trying to psyche out our downhiller a bit. After we'd helped drag his bike to the top he didn't fancy it (hehe) but then said he do a steeper nastier run nearby(doh!), looked dodgy to me, off camber ruts at the bottom but he stepped up and did it no probs his beast bike soaking everything up(argh!). That left me and Si in trouble, new boy besting us, we'd get a load of stick in the brew room at work next day, but no way was I doing that run on a hardtail. We went back to the original and Si played a blinder, he went down no probs looking very controlled, he'd looked at it from the top for a while so I had my doubts he'd do it, good going. I was feeling really tense, the macho bullshit pressure getting to me (I don't cope well with pressure) but I followed Si, felt easier than last time. With our reputations salvaged (we'll call that one a draw) we went back to the top for the full red route downhill. I was on form by then, properly lifting the bike and pushing it into the corners. I ripped the section after the cattle grid (and ran back to do it again) and I loved the bottom section which I normally have trouble properly flowing on, hoping this is a permanent thing not a fluke.
The sunset views over the moors on the drive home were ace, a damn good evenings riding.

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trio said...

Nice one Si!