Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Woke up with a blocked nose and sore throat, with that and last nights shenanigans I am not a happy bunny.

Oh yeah last night,
(warning long bike geek diatribe follows)
cant remember if I've mentioned "project no flats" before, I've switched to a dual ply tyre on the back of my pinch flat prone heckler, only a bit heavier than the big tyre/DH tube combo I was running before and hopefully bulletproof. Started with a standard tyre run ghetto tubeless, PITA to inflate, had to use works compressor. Did the rocky peak ride in april flat free (awesome) but tyre has since deflated, tyre came away from the rim, the latex dried and its uninflatable again. Damn and blast. Ordered a UST minion and a proper dt rim strip, tried fitting that last night, UST tyre will NOT go on, could try with a huge metal tyre lever but will prob damage the rimstrip in doing so. Got a proper UST wheel that I could use so I fit the tyre on there, had loads of trouble getting it pumped up but then it was leaking from the valve, shimano valves not compatible with mavic rims. Grrr. Swap valve, re-inflate (eventually) and it's pissing air from the tyre bead/rim interface. Will try again tonight with washing up liquid. Will also try the standard minion with the rimstrip soon. Sore hands this morning from wrestling with tyres and hooning up and down on the track pump like a maniac for half the night, hope the day doesn't get any worse. Was thinking this morning tho, assuming I do get a useable setup out of this, if I ever did manage to get a flat I'd be buggered fixing it out on a ride. Also I've probably already spent the equivalent time of about 20 puncture stops (and the cost of 10 DH tubes) trying to get it sorted.


Red Bike said...

I've always found tubeless UST tyres on UST rims pretty straight forward to inflate.

It helps a lot if you hold the tyre off the ground. I used to rest the wheel flat ontop of a bucket, whichever side was leaking the most facing down.
I just pumped as hard as I could for a bit until the tyre was up to ~60psi and then let it back down to whatever I was riding them at.

D0NK said...

I've used a few ust tyres and most are OK but these dual plys are a pain.

Julbags said...

Your immune system probably still needs a bit of babying after your chest infection, bit of a nightmare for you.

Can't help with the tyre thing...won't touch tubeless myself as I would struggle to fix problems them out on the trail if Jez's ones are anything to go by. I also don't ride anywhere near as hard or fast as you so it's less of a problem for me.

lowey said...

I'm with Julbags... wouldnt touch tubeless with yours mate.

You still need a lift Sunday ?

Email me if so matey.