Monday, 17 May 2010

Singletrack attack

Peak district on Saturday, Si had the manchester 10k to do and Johnnie couldn't make it so just me and Burk this time. Wanted to try something different and it had to be sub 20miles as this was only Burks 2nd ride of the year. I cobbled together a route only a the last bit of which we'd done once before. Set off from above hayfield up onto chunal moor and down wormstones descent, excellent start to the day, proper techy singletrack quite like this bit on Darwen hill but 10 times longer. Then after a gate it smoothed out and twisted and turned down to the bottom. Lovely. Back up the road then over to lantern pike via some more singletrack. Lantern to the sett valley is a loooong loose downhill, maximum speed, brilliant. Along the valley to hayfield then up to caldwell clough, some nice just about doable (but not this time) singletrack climbs and a down before the nasty rocky climb up the clough. Horrible, but this led us to even more excellent singletrack over to kinder res finishing with a warp speed wide grassy section. I only just cleaned the steep cobbled climb from the res, the new high front end on the etsx is not suited to steep ups, unless I want to get a little too intimate with the saddle I have to stand up for all of the really steep stuff (normal climbs are fine tho) mountain bike forks need a lock/wind-down not lockout. Then to finish middle moor, brilliant singletrack downhill. Really good ride, nice weather, silly amount of singletrack, all polished off before lunch, will be doing it again, will try to extend it and bypass the road sections tho.


Red Bike said...

I don't think i've ever ridden Wormstones. This is something I will have to put right!

D0NK said...

Route is here except you start from the layby on A624 (P on the map) and go straight up to Harrys hut, ignore Burnt hill that map was v1.0

Red Bike said...

Thats another ride for my rather long list!