Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A week without riding

Wednesday feeling grim, lovely weather
Thursday feeling grim-er, lovely weather. Grrr
Friday feeling grim-est, lovely weather, getting bored now
Saturday still grim, still nice weather, not funny anymore.
Sunday still grim but at least it's raining
Monday not too grim, mixed weather
Tuesday feeling human again, nice weather.
Being ill sucks, being ill during gorgeous weather sucks ass big time, back on the bike tomorrow I think, fully expect it to lash down for the rest of the week :-(
It was a "chest infection" according to the quack so gonna be a steady intro back to riding.


lowey said...


If its any consolation I got DRENCHED on Sunday. But your right mate, it is crap.

Seriously, take it easy too. People die pushing themselves after chest infections.

D0NK said...

"People die"
Bloody hell got me worried now, I thought over doing it too soon might just set me back another week or two. I did ask the quack he said "start again when you feel OK" very definitive.