Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Family day(s)

Bank holiday weekend and no riding done (!) did do plenty of diy but it wasn't all bad. Got up with Charlie early sunday while his mum had a lie in and got out the baby bike seat junkyard gave me. Fixed it on to my inbred - dead easy - dressed up Charlie and got out there! He seemed suitably impressed, quick trip down the road and then a spin round a bit of leverhulme park. He kept the back end planted but he's a heavy lump to drag up hills on singlespeed. The Mrs wasn't impressed but not too miffed so we had brekkie then went to feed to quack quacks at the jumbles, Charlie strapped to my front in his harness. He's getting a bit heavy now but we made it round the lake ok with no rain too. The ducks and geese came up really close to us which impressed Charlie tho not as much as dogs - he seems to like them. Up to my mum's for tea, my sister and hubby are visiting from cornwall, had a good evening, proper laugh apart from when I told my mum about charlies little ride, she proper gave me evils. Hmmm might keep quiet about future rides.

Well strapped into his seat and yes that's a smile not a grimace :-) cheers Johnnie!


Julbags said...

A friend of mine managed to give his very, very young daughter something akin to "shaken baby syndrome" riding offroad with her in a baby seat - somewhere stupidly rough like the cobbly stuff round Riv though so I'd give that kind of stuff a miss for a while yet maybe?

Other friends have been riding offroad (blue route stuff) with their daughter on a top tube mounted seat and she loved it, wasn't so keen on a rear mounted seat as she got fed up looking at daddy's Camelbak. Not sure what age they started her but she's now 2 and a half and zooming everywhere on a like-a-bike.

D0NK said...

Doubt I'm going to be using it much for a while and def not rivi. Just use it for picking him up from nursery and stuff. When he starts showing enthusiasm for it I'll take him on smooth track rides. Want one of these when he's old enough.

trio said...

So cute! A friend from work has just set a bike up with one for collecting his son from nursery etc! His son loves it! He calls it his bike!

That top-tube one looks great!

Something like the middlebrook way would be ideal for you and Charlie at the moment.

lowey said...


We took Kelsey round Grizedale (the fire road tracks I hasten to add) when she was a nipper. Was a fantastic day out.