Thursday, 29 April 2010

Too Much Too Soon

Feeling fine I rode into work yesterday, nice gentle pace, breathing hardly laboured, nice spinny gears. Got to work felt fine, rode home felt fine, rode up to Johnnies to drop off his brakes, felt fine. Stopped at fredericks for an ice cream as I've never been before - how much? mmm yum yum - met Johnnie had a look round his boat, said hi to the goats and wallabies, set off for home. Got home suddenly felt shattered. Still not feeling right this morning, damn. Totted it up as 48 miles, bit more than I thought it would be, very relaxed pace but still a bit too much I think. Back to resting for a couple of days now, hope I'm OK for Cragg at weekend. Loweys warning yesterday and my mild hypochondria is getting me worried.


lowey said...

48 miles after a chest infection ??

You just arnt getting this are you.

Julbags said...

+ 1 !!!!!!!!

I've known people to have a lot of time out with chest infections they wouldn't let themselves get over properly - it was over winter but still.

D0NK said...
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D0NK said...

I was taking it dead easy at no point was I out of breath or tired but yes you might be right. I consider myself told off.