Thursday, 22 April 2010

Psssssst, how not to night ride

Riding home from work tuesday I was feeling pretty tired but a nightride had been arranged and the sun was shining so out I went. Going up barrow bridge I knew I'd be gibbing out early, legs had nowt in 'em and chest was feeling tight. On winter hill the wind was really bad, going down the Kennels launching off a drop I got blown off line, landed badly and pinch flatted. Ah well first one in a while so can't complain, only 1 spare tho better be careful. Wildeswood was ace, I was flying and it's riding really well now, that corner that had me off in winter has finally firmed up. Met Si and Johnnie, Si had forgotten his helmet, whoops, he ummed and ahhed for a bit then decided to carry on. Up the gardens and up the kennel run to san marino mmm looking forward to this. 20seconds in I flat again, cadge a tube of Si, really windy and temp dropping so I send the lads on ahead, I set off but find Si not far ahead with a flat. Stop and help him - well sit out of the wind and watch him :-) Set off again and another 50 yards on Si flats again. Bugger! With the stops we are really cold, 1 tube left between 3 of us, sod this for a laugh, Johnnie climbs back up to our position, they take the spare and head back the way we came I mince down very carefully to the road then blast home. Couldn't get warm again till I got in bed. Woke up middle of the night throat on fire, hardly able to swallow felt better after a drink but still not right. I obviously hadn't properly recovered from weekend, with that and getting so cold I've come down with something, achey, chesty, sore throat. I'm still dragging my arse into work on the train but I'm pissed off, gorgeous weather and I'm grounded, could be clocking up loads of xc commute miles GRRRR!


Julbags said...

I rode into work against that wind on Tuesday headwind all the way, wanted an easy spin in after being ill myself, ha ha. Ride home was more of a crosswind, much faster but often terrifying when blowing me sideways into the road.

Crashed twice riding last night, one a quality faceplant so I'm not having a great week either!

D0NK said...

"one a quality faceplant"

trio said...

Yes it was windy on tuesday, it nearly killed me! Sounds like I didn't miss much not coming out!