Wednesday, 28 April 2010


After giving the credit card a break my tackle-tartery is now back on form, brake pads (boring) gore sealed gear cables (hoping these sort out my shifting) and a new pack. Ordered a wingnut hyper 3.0 on Ton and Deejays recommendation, it arrived next day and I've had a play with it, liking it so far. Damned expensive at close to a tonne sans bladder, luckily my 3L camelbak one fits fine. Pack is very light weight but looks tough and can fit LOADS of stuff in it, way more than my mule. With the design and bungees it can open up to stash more on the outside too but also be cinched in so it's close to your body. Sits way down your back on your hips like a big bumbag, I'm hoping this will prevent the backache I've been getting on long rides when I've been carrying lots of water and spares. Mind you at SSEC with bugger all in my bak I still got back pain so could also be down to tight hamstrings.

Also finally going to fit the fox floats I got way back in Nov and the hope xc3 front wheel, they're going on the etsx for now but if the forks are plush enough they will go on the heckler to lighten it up a bit.


Red Bike said...

Can't beat shinny new part!

(Even if in this case the bag isn't actually shinny)

lowey said...

WHy put them on the Heckler.

That bike is set up perfectly for its intended purpose... to HOON around lakeland tech.

If it aint broke dont fix it.

D0NK said...

"If it aint broke dont fix it."
Yeah but it weighs a b*stard tonne, hoping to lose weight without compromising ride so will put foxes on IF they are as plush as the Z1s.