Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Time marches on, getting to the better half of the year (hopefully). Last nights ride was rather good, Johnnie Si and myself in attendance, didn't need lights til late on (good job too) reasonable weather and a nice relaxed pace with plenty of chatting. Well the ride proper was relaxed, the to and from not so much. I was late leaving and I've got SSEC in 2 weeks to train for so caned it all the way there, kennels was pretty good, soft going but minimal slop, wildes was a bit damp. Met the lads, up to top car park then over to lead mines and the nab via some anglezarke cheek. Light started to go as we dropped down the phone line, tried to switch on my hopes, oops zero charge bugger! Had to rely on my joysticks measly 240 lumens, was struggling until I realised staying just ahead of Si meant his hopes gave me plenty of flood and I could use my light as a spot, OK for normal stuff but useless on the switchbacks of the nab. Anyway it started to rain as we got to the nab and it set in for good. Johnnie split and me and Si bombed down heapey fold back to his car, I borrowed his battery and headed home. Road route home is never good on SS but hammering up the old road is good training and then a fast freewheel down to town except for the dip at doffcocker where the traffic sign smugly thanked me for doing 6mph git! Soaked by the time I was home. Not a bad ride, won't be needing lights for too much longer now (or waterproofs fingers crossed)

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trio said...

Sounds great! Except for the ride there and back ;-) Let me know when you lot are riding next week.