Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Track may become indistinct

Lee Quarry revisited and another clothing fail.
Well with all the loveley weather and the hype about Lee Quarry it would be rude not to visit after work. Getting geared up in the morning I glanced at my boots and windproof jacket but thought no diaphanous summer shoes and gillet are just the ticket, mistake! There was frost on the ground and my fingers and toes were bloody freezing by the time I got to work, but no problems it'll be scorching later...right? Drove up to Si's picked up his bike and we rode over to LQ, bit of a 'mare actually involving the never ending rooley moor rd climb, getting lost, proper cold wind, unrideable moorland crossing, the wrong quarry and wet feet. I was getting pissed off, stupid clothes not keeping me warm, stupid shoes letting water in, all my own fault of course. Eventually made it and met up with Johnny, Trio and Odile. The new stuff is ace! the middle red run in the skilss area has enourmous berms and with practice I reckon can be taken flat out at ridiculous speeds. The blacks not as good but still some silly steep berms, practically wall rides where stalling seemed possible if you went too high. I was really looking forward to the pump track and it was ace, first time I've been on one but have done a tiny bit of BMX in the past. Hard work tho, I had a few goes then did 4laps at once, no pedalling but I was knackered by the time I'd finished. After that I finally got the chance to try a STEEP loose down I'd spotted at the STW weekender. Clambering up I spent a little too long looking at it and once at the top almost psyched myself out of it, got on my bike rode towards it fully expecting a refusal but pushed myself and went down. Proper squeeky bum, seemed to be picking up too much speed and too loose to really brake but made it OK and the guys said it looked smooth enough. No second go that time but will prob do it again. We did the loop again then split, Si and Trio down RM rd me and Johnnie back to his car, I chickened out of riding home, feet were like blocks of ice and as it turned out stained brown from the peat, which I've not managed to completely remove yet!

A decent ride, still more to checkout at the quarry and practice needed to get a really good run, I will be back (with proper clothing)
Pics by Trio, the usual "steeper than it looks" applies :-)

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