Monday, 1 March 2010

Part timer

Nipped out at lunch time yesterday for a bit of a ride, not planning a biggy but wanted to get some miles in while weather was OK. No biggy was right only just into the 20s. Started out with the usual nightride combination, variation 2 (barrow bridge, winterhill, kennel, wildeswood) then up bastid climb, ICR was fun, AICR got a few scalps and upto the pike. Chilly up top, sheltered next to the ramblers at the pike and ate the last of Charlies christening cake (mmm) and down off the stones, the rutted section was the dryest I've seen, in fact most of rivi was in pretty good nick, shame winter hill is such a mess. Still wet snow on some trails making sections unrideable and the rest a muddy mess. Wouldn't have ridden up "hole in the wall" even for a heap of money. Went up the access road instead, I had planned to do belmont but went down Holdens instead and nipped across town to see my mum as it was her birthday.

Not a big ride by any means but legs are drained today, full on recovery mode riding to work. I think it's my post ride ritual that is the problem. I refuel rehydrate and rest only I don't do it properly. Refuel within 45 mins but it's usually something fatty, brie omlette in this case, I normally rehydrate with a beer (oh dear) and then rest in a red hot bath which both dehydrates me and seems to suck any energy reserves I have left leaving me completely wasted. Anyway rest today then hopefully nightride tomorrow.

Oh and 2 rides since recabling my kinesis and already the shifting is buggered, back to full length outers I think (or splash the cash on some goretex)


lowey said...

XTR Cables mate. Half the price of Goretex and just as good.

D0NK said...

But do they keep the crap out? It's definitley grit getting in there and screwing everything up, shifting is perfect at home and on the road to trailhead then chuck some mud at it and it goes to pot. Full length outers worked OK last year didn't have enough outer this time. Burk uses goretex does ZERO maintenance and minimal cleaning all year and never misses a shift, tempting.

lowey said...

I had the goretex on my bike for about 3 years, faultless.

I then tried all manner of different cables in an effort to try and save money, xt, flak jackets etc etc... all shite. XTR are fully sealed, have a black coating that will give you a hard on and have survived 2 winters without ANY maintenance and they are still going strong.