Friday, 12 March 2010

The Dreaded Lurgy

My mrs got struck down with flu so wednesdays planned nightride was off while I helped out with his lordship. Yesterday I rode in, just as I got to work I had a call off the mrs asking me to go home as she was worse - she's hard as nails normally so must be bad. Jumped on the train home and took charlie off her hands so she could spend most of the day sleeping and today I'm feeling rough so I'm resting, riding the train and hoping the flu passes me by. Missed riding opportunites, bugger and march started so well, hope this is just a blip.


Julbags said...

Just hopefully shaking one off myself (got the train home on Tuesday after cycling in). Rest and look after yourself (and the Mrs and his lordship).

lowey said...

"missed riding opportunities"

Amen Brother :((