Monday, 29 March 2010

Local trails for local people

STW forum came to rivi this weekend, last time they were here I rode out to the meet point and back and managed a nice 47mile ride, this time we were meeting a bit further away so I was hoping to hit the big 50. Lowey and friends had a similar idea, ride out, do most of the ride and then dig in for the day at the pub stop (their nightride local). Usual route over to rivi then back up to the pigeon tower to meet lowey. ICR then mostly road to botany bay. Only 18 riders in all set off, not much for an stw ride but that meant a faster pace. Healey nab and wheelton plantation got us up onto great hill, and the sun came out melting all those wrapped up for the cold morning. Loweys mates were tiring so split at this point (maybe I shouldn't have reminded them of the climb to follow up winter hill - oops) Drop into white coppice was ace tho not without incident in the muddy top section, couple of wheel catchers and I nearly lost it in the very slippy mud. 2 proper quick guys came flying passed me whilst on the wrong line, a line change kept them in sight but I was on my limit they looked like they were cruising. Cross anglezark to rivi and we were hemorrhaging riders, we got to George's with just 7 left! Met up with another group so had some company up to winter hill, we nailed san marino which the visitors loved. Pub stop was a welcome rest (and a catch up with the early retirees :-) but we paid dearly for it, the climb up hoar stones was terrible with cold legs (and pretty boggy) over to ICR and then to lead mines clough, the climb out was not nice for tired little legs. We had a blast round the healy nabb red run then I split for home (via san marino again)
It was a good ride with good company, nice to do your local stuff with fresh eyes, Ton kept saying how much he liked the place and the massive variety of trails, open moorland, rocky trails, twisty singletrack forest stuff etc It got me thinking, yeah actually we are bloody lucky to have all this on our door step.
Anyway turns out botany bay is a lot further away than I thought I'd done 16miles before the meet no wonder my legs had a "run in" feel on the first climb and I overshot my aim a bit, 57miles 7700ft, walking up the hill to the train station was hard this morning. RIDING :-)

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Jason said...

You are an animal Donk!

And you are right about the local trails.