Thursday, 25 March 2010

Blowing down the crescent

Forgot to mention this before, last week, this was a new one. Picture the scene, thursday evening rush hour, salford crescent (big road out of city centre) chockablock traffic, you're in your silver audi, you had a stressful day and the traffics doing your head in. Do you?
A drive carefully home and have a nice relaxing bath
B drive like a nutter get home and sink a few bevvies
C reach over to your wife/mistress/lady-friend/professional-lady-friend-currently-in-your-employ and pull her head down for a nosh to relieve the stress?

Yep some doughnut getting a gobble while driving through busy rush hour traffic, I was travelling at a similar speed 2 lanes away, thought I saw something dodgy and did a double take. Sure enough, everytime he has to slow for lights/traffic a head pops up, when they get going again down she goes.

"But officer there's no specific law against it and it is hands free"


lowey said...

I told the wife to keep bloody her head down.

Jon said...

While I want to slag the driver off I'm struggling between that and 'lucky bugger'.

But more towards 'thinner' to be honest.