Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Its grim oop on'thills

Plans were set for niteriding with trio and johnny, unfortunatley Johnny had to cancel. Got dressed up was just heading out into the gloom when trio rang to say she couldn't make it either. Some spurious excuse about a broken freehub, these part time fair weather cyclists eh?* Well I was all dressed up anyway so just grabbed my MP3 player for company and set off. It was horrible weather, proper grim rain and wind, soon had to bin my glasses due to them misting up, rain and fog so got plenty of grit in my eyes on the downs. I was hammering it, with all the rain I just wanted to get done and get home. Up barrow bridge, up old rake where it got a bit wierd, halfway up the gradient eases slightly, it felt and looked like I was on a flat road but it's still fairly steep, mind playing tricks on me. Was foggy on winter hill til I came round the shoulder of two lads where it suddenly cleared. Down wildeswood and up bastard climb where someone had helpfully left the gate at the halfway point open so I didn't have an excuse to stop (git) Down georges and up winterhill again and the fog was back, the pace was killing my legs, the climb was a slog. Didn't fancy san marino in all the rain and fog so down via holdens and along scout road to come down through smithills and home, only out for 2hours, I was in my wet weather gear and still got soaked through. Very tired today, a commute with a constant headwind this morning hurt. I need a lot more practice at quick rides.

*only joking Trio, hope rigger is better soon :-)


trio said...

I was also all togged up! Only noticed when I got on the bike. Ali dropped him off at Cooksons today, hopefully he will be better soon! Although I think the hub might need to be sent off to Hope!

You needed me there to slow the pace of the ride down, then your legs would be fine!

Richard said...

Good ride! lots of altitude!

It was horrible last night, I just did a 8 mile commute off road and was also soaked when I got in, waterproofs not doing their job!


lowey said...

Charicter building rides mate. Got to have them to appreciate the good days.