Thursday, 4 March 2010

Freeze dried trails

Nice commute this morning, very frosty so I went offroad, very fast and clean, all the mud was frozen and I've seen a fun route around the perpetual puddle at clifton, great stuff. It's looking like a bright clear day so I doubt it will be as nice on the way home, infact I think I may go home a different way. Last time I commuted offroad me and my bike got a full all over coating of mud and I was sliding about all over the shop on the way home, I'll see if the canal/train line is any drier, the route is a bit longer tho and not as fun.
[edit] Did the canal and trainline route home, dull dull dull, only fun bits were finding some old train platforms to jump off. Was fairly mud free tho and was good training as it's just flat and straight you wind up the speed intil you're sprinting - for 16miles, legs were tired when I got home.


Red Bike said...

I commute via a trainline/canal too. I call it my off-road commute because there are no roads; but it's actually mostly tarmac.

There's a few pics here:

(I've now found a way through thats a good 3 miles longer that that way but completely off-road with no roads to cross).

This morning is the first morning in weeks i've arrived at work without being covered in mud!

D0NK said...

Frosty days are great for xc winter commuting aren't they? :-)
Doubt I'll do the train line route again, they've tarmaced 90% of it, too boring and too many gates, if it wasn't for all the gates it would be a good road bike commute away from cars - if you see what I mean.

Red Bike said...

The chavs were back out in force last night. They seem to sit under the railway bridges drinking.

Its the first time i've seen anyone this year but its only taken them one night to put so much glass down my trails are now unridable again.

It looks like my off-road commute has just been killed off :(

D0NK said...

Yeah there were quite a few chavs on my commute last night too, bit intimidating - usual route is more remote so only the odd dog walker.