Monday, 22 March 2010

No introductions needed

So I finally went out mountain biking again, Junkyard came round and we set off from mine, he only had his SS available so I thought I better take mine too. About 2/3s of the way round Johnnie said "I've not ridden properly for 2months I was expecting a nice gentle introduction back into riding" Oh. Maybe should have mentioned that earlier, route was barrow bridge, winter hill, witton weavers, darwen tower, jumbles, home, 25ish miles I thought, turned out to be a hefty 30. I cut out the forest at entwistle (big steep power climbs) near the end as I didn't want Johnnie refusing to ever let me choose routes again. Was a good ride out, cold to start but gorgeous once we got on top of winter hill, bit of an inversion going on in bolton. Cleaned the steps at holdens for first time SS, got up first two stalled on the 3rd so hopped up it then had to hit the power to get up the last, san marino is well cut up but not too wet/muddy. Had to climb walls at belmont res again, riding up darwen tower from tockholes was a first for me on SS (cleaned), bombing down the other side was ace, stupidly fast with big water bars to jump/hop.
Cracking ride, loads of people out walkers and bikers, no crashes or mechannicals, 2 flats (boo!).


trio said...

Wow that is a hard ride back after two months off, poor junkyard!

D0NK said...

Yeah pretty tough was a cracking day for it tho and he's getting well into SS