Thursday, 4 February 2010

This could all go so wrong...

I thought as I set out for work yesterday, I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon deep in samuri country, about 14miles from work and another 9 from home and snow was forecast. I normally ride to the dentist if it's nice and drive on manky days, I umm-ed and arr-ed for a while until I saw sense and grabbed the bike. The ride in was nice just a bit chilly, how nice is a warm towel to stand on when you take off your cycling shoes? I love little things like that, having a proper hot powerful shower and a warm room to dry my kit in is pretty good too mind :-) Sure enough as I left work the snow started, well sleet actually, pity as I had dressed for snow, the sleet started to permeate through my gloves and top as I was getting to Leigh, roads weren't bad tho and quieter than I expected considering it was school run time. No dental work needed (yay) so just had to scrape the snow of my bike and get warmed up quick, more snow meant a few slips pulling away from lights but otherwise OK. Never did get properly warmed up again tho and was glad to get home, brrrr! Seeing the carnage caused on the motorways yesterday it looks like 2 wheels was the sensible option after all.

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