Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Thats what I'm talking about

This is the weather I'm after, nice and chilly, ground is hard but not much ice about, perfect. No-one could manage riding last night so thought I'd save my energy for 3 days of offroad commutes. Chargng down single and double track with some decent tunes on beats dodging the dickheads on the road. Was flying this morning, summer speeds in most places.

Random stuff, watched One Born Every Minute last night, was good but Mrs is already planning a sibling for Charlie! Used electric toothbrush for first time last night, awesome, how cool are these? Bit sad I know but if you've not tried one before I recommend it. Just walked to the shop and in a 2 minute space saw 2 vintage bikes in really good nick, '93-ish purple kona lava dome and a similar age saracen, both looked like all original parts (flat bars, thumbies and zmax tyres etc) Retro-tastic.

Noooooo! Within an hour of posting a veritable blizzard has kicked off and huge snowflakes are sleeting horizontally passed my window. Ho hum.


Julbags said...

You are joking about the sleet? Blues skies and wall to wall sunshine here in St Annes. Was thinking about heading out for a ride tonight...

Jealous of your offroad commute.

Julbags said...

.....just looked out the other side of the building, big black cloud coming my way

D0NK said...

It was pretty intense but short lived, didn't stick.