Monday, 8 February 2010

Ooh thats a big one

I'd been hoping for a big freeze again so I could get a decent mileage in this weekend, it didn't happen but that didn't stop me. Motivated by Lowey's ride last week and my own failed attempt at new year I went for the 3towers, notched up 47miles and 6700ft ascent and I was still up for more, pity my bike wasn't. Overcast but no rain I went all Ed-O and took my best bike out in the filth. I set off, up passed trios boarding spot and through the jumbles, up crowthorne and I realised the maggot farm isn't just a smelly farm owned by Farmer Maggot but a stinking barn where they breed maggots, lovely. Up to peel tower, first time on a proper geared bike so first time I've cleaned the climb. Got lost trying to find loweys path back to the horseshoe but made it eventually, after the climb out I had some cake as I rode along, unfortunatley I put the last huge chunk in my gob just as I came within range of the maggot farm, ewww. Loooong downhill back to jumbles and over to darwen which I would have cleaned if I hadn't dropped my glasses halfway up. Grrr. Decided to go to white coppice via great hill, well I had to warrant bringing out a bouncy bike :-) Up the road climb (very narrow) a car came up behind and immediatley tried to squeeze thru where there wasn't room, just for that you can wait move to exact centre of the road, much revving of engine and beeping of horn ensued. After a good few minutes I pulled over and waved him through, wasn't a boy racer as I expected but an oldish guy out to walk his dog. Knob. Excellent downhill tho I did get stuck in the water run off channel with thick grass either side and went OTB when I didn't see a big hole, ran it out tho. Drivechain was a muddy grinding paste and I was getting major chain suck in granny ring by this time (who's stupid idea was bringing an expensive bike out in all this mud?) so middle ringed it up to the pike. Decided my legs hadn't been punished enough and went up winter hill too. The beatles were singing all you need is love, I was thinking a fine sentiment but a working freehub would be nice. In the dip halfway up I freewheeled for a few seconds and couldn't start again, pedals spinning but nowt happening. Swore and kicked back wheel a few times and the hub engaged, right don't stop pedalling Got to top and freewheeled down belmont, top laugh but even on a normal day 5mins in the "aggro attack" position my thighs and calfs burn, with 40miles in my legs it was very painful. Got to road and absolutley nothing from the freehub, had to scoot the (mainly downhill) 5miles home, pain in the arse but I was buzzing from adrenaline/endorphins and as I flew down to Astley Bridge I was bobbing my suspension in time to Fall out boy and fat boy slim. I think I will be signing up for Kielder100 after all, my legs weren't bad when I got home, reckon I had a few more miles left in them, admittedly not another 53 but I've got time to train before september.

*new rear tyre on etsx nev 2.1 ust*


lowey said...

Thats a DOG of a ride mate. Well done.

D0NK said...

Ta, I'm quite liking long moorland rides at the moment, wanna do more but need family time too.