Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sorry mate I... a useless retard who really shouldn't be allowed the keys to a car. The last 2 commutes have resulted in me shouting at people. Some stupid bint firstly edged into the mandatory cycle lane because there wasn't room for her on the roundabout due to a bus already being on there and when I started shouting abuse at her she just looked at me and floored it to get away and complete the "cut the cyclist up" manoeuvre. Today some guy on the east lancs overtook me about 6 inches away, caught up at the next lights and did the rant thing, stupid really, me hurling abuse at him in his car, him giving just as much back with the window firmly closed neither of us able to hear the other. Just getting it off our chests, tho what he had to complain about I don't know, pretty sure the right hand lane was free when he passed me, looks like he was incensed by my presence and just didn't wanna move 6ft to the right. I've reported a driver to SMIDSY before but just can't see the point really, as far as I know bugger all happens apart from my commute route rapidly becomes labelled as an accident blackspot. Would be nice if drivers were sent a letter saying "you have been reported for crap driving please try harder". I also reported a driver on the GMP website for proper dangerous driving but not even a "Thanks, but not enough evidence/motivation" reply, no response at all. Think I might create my own hit list with the reg's of useless drivers - an exercise in futility for sure but hey ho, maybe if I do get smeared across the tarmac one day the list can be checked to see if it was anyone I've had issue with in the past.

Oh and I got beeped at the other day, at a narrow approach to some traffic lights there's a cycle lane on the pavement that goes right upto the lights then drops back onto the ASL, due to retarmacing not much of the painted lines remain, they have erected a little shared use path sign but it's not that noticeable so to drivers it looks like you're wrecklessly jumping onto the pavement to cut the queue and "giving all cyclists a bad name" hence the honk. Anyone know what the universally recognised hand signal for "I know it doesn't look like it but that was a cycle lane, honest" is?

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Red Bike said...

I think we're all having the same sort of trouble.

Last week I got some young lad in a 'chaved up' corsa trying to run me off the road because he couldn't get passed me while we queued for a set of traffic lights!