Thursday, 11 February 2010

Brass monkeys

Ride home last night was ok, a bit soft under tread where mud had thawed but not too sloppy. This morning everything was hard packed again only colder, tootsies were like ice by the time I got in. Speaking of which, I recently purchased some sock guy flames merino socks (£9) and some endura thermolite (£10 for 2pr) both pretty warm so in the interests of science I donned one of each on a big cold ride the other week. Not much in it for most of the ride but towards the end the merino cladded toes a teensy bit less numb than the others. The thermolites are cheap and almost as warm but velcro wrecks them (bit of a problem as I can't get my winter boots on without the velcro cuff folding in and sticking to the socks) merino are money no object and possibly a better investment in the long run. The flames are pretty thin tho, I'm sure there must be some thicker warmer merino socks out there.

In other news Charlies been keeping us up the last few nights, I ended up moving to the spare room at 3am, not good, maybe teething pains.

*repair* New cog & chain on the pompino
*repair* new Rear Mech (XT rr) chain & gear cables on kinesis


Aushiker said...

I am also a bit of a fan of the Endura Thermolite socks and I am curious as to if you are still using them or have you found something better? They work pretty well for me but our winters are milder than yours I suspect.

D0NK said...

Yep still using them, used them yesterday actually and my feet weren't too bad at all. Thermolites aren't quite as warm as the merino socks I have but they are pretty good. Important not to overtighten your shoe laces/straps.