Monday, 1 February 2010


Bit chilly int it? Woke up yesterday to find a light dusting of snow and cold cold cold. Had a party to go to in afternoon but fancied a quick ride, was having serious trouble getting motivated and slobbed around for a few hours. Finally dragged myself out at 11 thinking I'd wasted half the day then I remembered normally I'd just be getting up at 11 on a sunday, kids eh? All the way up to winterhill it seemed I was following the tracks of someone from practically my front door (Tioga psycho/edge don't see many of them about) bit weird. Down belmont, nearly lost it on a slippy bit but pretty good. UU have bloody well shut the road across belmont res, sod that, a bit of wall climbing and dragging bike through bushes got me round that onto witton weavers and along to darwen. The local dungeons and dragons squad were out in full uniform down at Tockholes, it was proper icey so cut through the trees on an ok bit of singletrack. Quick go round darwen tower then across to cadishead and as I was running late a quick blast home, I'd forgotten how much fun big ringing down fast dirtroads is.
I didn't think I'd made a great start to the year but totting up the total for Jan is almost as much as last year and more of it offroad so not bad. Last few rides have wiped me out and it's taken a while to recover, not sure why but its the same today, hmm hope it doesn't continue.


lowey said...

You were probably in our tyre tracks mate.

We set of at 8.30 and did the four towers!

My legs have never been so empty after a ride as they were last night.

D0NK said...

Cool, nice day for it. Rivi, WH, darwen and turton?

lowey said...

Ours, Rivi Pike, Belmont, Darwen tower, Peel Tower, Turton Tower, Home, bath, sleep.

trio said...

Not recovering, sounds like you are getting old ;-)