Monday, 22 February 2010


Riding home through cheetham hill on friday I was catching up to a cyclist, hmm endura longs (like me), endura overshoes (similar to mine), blue waterproof (same colour as mine but a different jacket) the man obviously has style :-) I got closer, ooh sks mudguards (check), tektro mini Vs (yep me too) and bugger me if he wasn't riding a blue pompino too. "scary similar" I said as I pulled along side, nice chap, had a chat about mountain biking, singlespeeding, hit the north and other biking stuff. Apparently the morning commute had been a nightmare, ice everywhere and cars getting all sideways near him, I'd gone in on my usual route just a mile or two west, same elevation and I didn't notice any ice, wierd.

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trio said...

I saw him yesterday! He was fixing a puncture and I stopped to check he had everything he needed. I had to doubletake as he reminded me of you!