Monday, 23 March 2009

Blowing hot and cold

Went out for a ride on saturday, I was supposed to be trying most of the route of next weeks STW ride but that didn't work out. Tho nice weather was promised it was really overcast and chilly so I went out dressed accordingly, shorts with knee warmers and softshell. Up the road drag out of town the sun came out and before I got to barrow bridge I was sweltering so had to stop. Lesson learned these lusso knee warmers a *really* hard to take off without taking your keks off first. More suitably dressed I carried on, up the climb to winterhill, once at the top a thick mist came over the wind started up and I froze, back on with the softshell no chance of getting the knee warmers on. I was suffering up the first climb, still not recovered from infection so decided to cut down the ride. Off the back off winterhill (front for you chorley-ites) steep downhill to belmont road and over to great hill, still boggy and I pushing at times. The downhill was great (haha) tho. Round the resers up rivi and home. Legs were sore sunday.


trio said...

Which way did you go off winter hill, sounds like a route I don't know!

D0NK said...

You probably know it, I just describe it badly. Head up the road passed the mast, instead of going right onto belmont/san marino descent follow road to left passed the smaller masts, at the end of the tarmac theres a track on your right, contours for a bit then drops steeply to the old cobbled belmont road. It's not marked on OS maps but you can see it on google maps satellite view