Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Nice weather for ducks

Blast, lots of rain means a road ride into work putting me in close proximity with all the cocks on the road again. Couple of 'incidents' this morning. Oh and you know those loops you get for your laces on footwear now instead of eyelets? First time I saw them I thought bad idea, surely the laces will cut through them over time, but they seem to have worked out ok cos years later they are still in use. Except for my northwaves which use laces with similar characteristics to cheese wire, snapped one of the loops last night and on inspection the other top loops aren't far behind, quite a bit of wear. The lower loops are fine, it just seems to be the top ones that take the strain when you try to get them tight. This, the heel going wonky and them not being as toasty warm as I expected means I doubt I'll buy these again, pity cos I really like the look of them and they are dead comfy.

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