Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hack and slash bike surgery

Wanted to get my inbred up and running again for tomorrow so I decided to bodge it, stick an old chain on there. Hmm no 8 speed chains, will have to use this 9 speed chain and a cog off a cassette. Take it outside to check it and check my cleats at the same time, oops something doesn't feel right. Last night when I put the new cleats on I overtightened them and stripped the threads on the steel plate embedded in the sealed waterproof expensive goretex shoes, bugger, I had an idea, they've got a pair of holes so I managed to swivel the plate around and got the cleats back on without cutting into the innersole - result. Anyway the reason they didn't feel right was cos I had bent the plate when I over tightened the screws so I had to slice the inside of the soles to fit a new plate anyway. I eventually got outside and the cog and chain are fine but pedal tension is set too tight with new cleats, as I mess around with that I note the bearings are a bit graunchy so take em off and regrease them. Front brakes are rubbing pretty bad too, cantis have seized and aren't springing back to normal position, bang in some spares, nope these are seized too put on some more spares - nice. Oh bugger rear pads need changing.... So one 10 minute job ended up taking a few hours, don't time fly when your having fun?

Oh and this could well be a contributing factor to my chain keep jumping the other night and why it started happening so often so suddenly. I guess I broke 1 tooth on saturday or previously and then on tuesday the other broke cue lots of chain dropping.

cog, originally uploaded by D0NK.

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