Monday, 9 March 2009

There's a monkey in the attic!

Is what i said as I woke up on saturday, very strange dream. Anyway I went out for a quick ride, I did the climb from Darwen to Darwen tower for the first time in ages. It was the first proper climb I ever tried with a singlespeed and I thought impossible! So I was on a mission this time, there's a really steep bend about halfway up, grips OK but it is proper steep and you don't get a run up. I was standing on the pedals and at stalling speed for a while but I managed it and the gradient levelled out for a while then a final sting as it steepens up again right at the top. I hit it as hard as I could and was thinking "yes I've done it" then I went over w stone water bar right near the top, I didn't hit it dead on and its already off camber, the back wheel slid about 2 ft to the left and I was down, a broken man. F*cksocks! Gutted. So I went back down to the slightly flatter section and did it again harder and faster and made it. I know it still doesn't count as a clean run but I'm fairly happy, it's taken it's toll on my knees tho, they're feeling a bit delicate now.

Went up rivi and it looks like someones doing guided rides, load of lads in identical riding gear and 2 guys telling them about the descent coming up - cool, wonder how much they charge. Also saw a guy on a pimped out ellsworth epiphany - mmmm. We chatted for a bit and he reckoned it was 23lbs, wow, my inbred rigid and gearless probably weighs about the same. Home for cake and tea, genoa cake not as good as bobbys or mcvites fruit cake but it'll do.

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