Monday, 2 March 2009

Meeting strange men part 2

Met up with some more people from STW on sunday, Yoshimi drove us (thanks) and we met up with sfb, lowey, ton and friends at grizedale. There were 10 of us all together and we had a 20miler pencilled in, should be pretty easy (wrong!) The route was half unknown to me and the other half was stuff I'd ridden in the opposite direction and wow, it was flinkin ace. Even the rain didn't bother me, I tend to mince down wet rock but I was on a flyer, blasting down the rocky sections, I was even cornering pretty well. Moor lane down from parkamoor was a highlight as was breasty haw, proper twisty turny stuff that you dont often get. I attacked the climbs pretty hard too as I knew it was a short(ish) ride so my legs are a bit sore today. Bit wierd that, 45miles/7000ft on a pert reasonable weight full susser last week, 20miles/3300ft on a heavy squishy full susser this week, legs hurt more now than last week, whats the difference? Not sure if it's cos I hit everything faster than usual or the heavy squishy bike hmm. The stuff I knew that we did backwards was brilliant too, titties track was a great ending and the drop to colthouse was a blinder, I even managed to ride the rock drop I'd be scoping out the last couple of times I'd ridden up to slack wood.
1st ride of the year for the heckler too, as usual it reminded me what a fantastic bike it is when it gets fast and rocky.

ST Grizedale Ride - 1-3-09, originally uploaded by Dee P Jay.
more pics here, more to follow from sfb hopefully. Oh and people brought tea urns and assorted cakes for a post ride refuel, how cool is that?

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s a good ride and do make good cakes