Monday, 4 April 2011


Not a bad weekend, saturday I took Charlie shopping for mothers day stuff, we had a mooch round town and did the big shop. We chilled out in the afternoon while his mum went out shopping, then I went out for bit of a ride. I met up with Johnny on winter hill did some trails up there, but got a "come home now" text, Charlie had kicked off when I left and hadn't stopped, so I had to cut it short. I flew home in a blur of undergeared spinning legs only to find a happy smiling Charlie once home, thanks son. I noticed a spot of blood on my calf under some mud, hmm don't remember hitting anything. Sunday woke up with a red blotch on my leg and some swelling hmmm, doubt it's a tick bite but it's got me a little worried.
Nipped up to my mums on the road bike and got a few miles in after. On chorley new road a roadie went passed heading in the opposite direction, he shouted over a greeting, a mile or so later I turned back (I'd decided to save my legs for commuting) A bit later I passed the same guy at a junction, I'd got to lights just as they changed so flew passed him, he chased, I was bimbling so he soon caught me. I said Hi as he went passed but nowt, just stoney silence as he dropped me - hmm must have had his raceface on.
Despite having a lie in and getting out on the bike I was still grumpy, getting dead stroppy when I made mistakes, dunno what was up with me. Moody bugger, even more so when after letting Charlie mess about with my camelbak bladder he dragged it off the kitchen worktop and it burst, yep thanks again, my fault tho, eejit.
Commuted in xc again this morning despite the mud and forecast rain, honeymoon period is over now, the blinglespeed is doing the job it was specced for - getting dragged through the muck.


lowey said...

What happened to Snowdon ?

D0NK said...

oh yeah forgot to mention, Charlie has been ill and was up all night weds/thurs so decided to scrap the big ride and let Stacey sleep/lie in/recover. Johnnie is also still not 100% and Si got injured at footy so no-one was up for it anyway, will be after the ban now I think :-(

Junkyard said...

i was felled by my eldest pushing meo ff th ebike when I was track standing trapping my leg against the top tube and then the bar end went tinot my stomach as I fell down an emabnkment. Getting up I started to do the oooh ahh - ie must not swear when he asked [inncently] Daddy is that the pain dance Fecker it hurt and bruised a bit