Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Trail Poaching

Saw loads of people out on bikes on my ride home, nice day for it and my front tyre did seal and held out OK so I took the blinglespeed out for a night ride too. Johnnie's broken himself (or rather his son broke him) so just me and Si last night, we started from Barrow bridge and went in search of lowey's new trail, very nice it was too. Up the golf course then down the road and up walkerfold to holdens farm. Cleats on my shoes which were working fine last week have now died so my right foot was ejecting at crucial points, damn. Unbelievably Si had a spare in his bag so I sat on coal pit road and changed them - top work. Then onto the moors, all singletracky not at all like 99% of the trails round here, north york moors-esque, lovely. Kind of went OTB when front wheel dug into the mud exiting a dip, 1 hand down but didn't end up on my face :-) Proper steep at the end, couldn't ride it all, will have to try again sometime soon. Can't see it being much good after wet weather but good during a dry spell. Up scout road and down the quarry, very interesting especially seeing as how halfway down the last section I realised my forks were still locked out from the road climb - oh yeah thats why I'd stopped using lockout. Was a bit wierd actually, loads of empty parked cars on scout road and we heard voices as we went through the quarry but no sign of anyone, wonder what they were all upto in the dark. We climbed up horrocks fold then couldn't decide on a route and our tired legs were moaning so we went back down, through smithills and then I tricked Si into doing an extra bit, a steep stepped climb up here

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Bit of a lungbuster but good practice, I nearly stalled halfway up, had to thrutch forward and get back into a rythmn, Si aced it but didn't look too happy about it :-) back through the park and home.
Another short but fun night ride.