Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sithee latter cocker

Return leg of the darwen/rivi nightride exchange, Mr Sparkle and Paul came over to sample our trails, tho I'm sure they ridden most of them already. Si was ill and Johnnie cried off due to some football match or other so it was just me. A last minute change of meet point meant I was rushing to get there on time but i don't think they'd been waiting long. Straight into it and down through the quarry, bit of a harsh opener, I know I don't like riding down steep stuff till I've got warmed up. Mr Sparkle had a bit of a 'mare, on a steep chute his SPD wouldn't unclip he ended up stopped, leaning against the side of the chute having to take off his shoe to get it unclipped. Once sorted we carried on, a steady climb followed by fast loose decsent to smithills, bit too fast, I nearly overdid it on a few corners. Over to Barrow bridge and up the climb where Mr S and Paul shot off into the distance, when I'm on gears singlespeeders seem to effortlessly pull away and romp up climbs. At the top Paul assured me it wasn't effortless :-) 2 Lads and wildeswood then the steep climb up Old Rake where I finally decided trying to keep up with Mr S was a bad move. He opined it was karma for me dissappearing on the downs. At hole in the wall I told Mr S about the roadie incident on sunday, he then dropped me in much the same manner! Was getting dark so a brief stop to get lights on and off we went, drop to the farm, climb up the the res and lovely singletrack to finish and on the final drop Mr S and Paul finally relented and dropped their saddles, you know it makes sense lads!
Paul's Mrs had made some scrummy brownies so we chilled for a bit (literally) before going home, another good 'un.


Junkyard said...

Si was ill and Johnnie cried off due to some football match or other so it was just me.

It doe snot take much of amatch to get me to dry off i will etxt you re staurday youmay be able to gues sthe reason ;-)

D0NK said...

Ah, ok.