Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Fred you lying git

Switched the TV on last night just intime to see a jovial weatherman tell us it'll be sunny tomorrow and the rest of the week (woohoo) what he omitted to say was "it's gonna piss down all night and you'll get ruddy filthy riding to work tomorrow". I'm dissappointed Fred and so are the cleaners at work. I've watched last weeks buff trails slowly degenerated into winter status.
Went up to Darwen again lastnight and Mr Sparkle showed us some more of his local trails, him, me and Paul on SS, Johnnie and Si on gears, this meant we split up on climbs a lot but no biggy. I knew most of the trails but we did them the opposite direction and the new stuff was rather good. Mr S had planned the route to showcase the downs and it certainly did, a hilly 12miler, good stuff. Mr S knows how to cater for riders too, hosepipe to clean off the bikes (ok honeymoon period not quite over thats 2 washes for my new bike in as many days) tea and (heaven) home made fruit cake which I had more than my fair share of - apologies. Excellent.

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