Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Downer (a bit of a moan)

I'm rapidly becoming a congregation member of the Church Of The Little Ring (as opposed to these guys) my knees are playing up again so I'm back on gears and spinning away madly in teeny tiny gears to try to give them a break.

Commuting last Friday was marred a bit by dodgy feckers in clifton on the rob from recently closed businesses. I'd met some guys carrying cable away on wednesday, on friday another 2 guys were stripping the cable shielding away with a handheld circular saw. One was on lookout duy but failed to spot me, I had to shout over the noise of the saw for the operator to get out of the way. Shielding will no doubt be fouling up the trail for months. Scrotes. The blocked ROW I mentioned back in Feb has been blocked again (some cheeky monkey ripped down the shoddy fencing) Still doesn't look official but when I called the ROW office I learned it is. Bridge work apparently, bet it takes months...booo!

Riding home last night I went passed a permanent travellers camp (oxymoron?) going by a parked up fairground lorry I noticed a puddle up ahead, about 0.25 seconds before I hit it I realised it was not water but oil, a bloody great stream of the stuff from under the truck across the whole road. I got covered, tyres, frame, clothing, lights and yep brakes. Cue swearathon. Managed not to brake all the way home and spent 20mins trying to clean my bike, in the dark, tired and very pissed off. Will have a proper look tonight but I reckon brake pads will be screwed.

Oh and that stupid woman (the politician, not Erin Gill) is getting on my tits, you can't win. If you disagree with her you are a tearaway lawless lycra lout, if you agree with her then you are helping divert attention away from the main cause of death and mayhem on the roads bad drivers and the laws inability to properly deter their behaviour.


Junkyard said...

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D0NK said...

hmm never use IE, will check it out.