Friday, 15 April 2011


Things are looking up, whilst it's not been warm or sunny the trails are drying out quick time, I can only put it down to mother nature sticking a big straw in the ground and sucking all the water up, you gotta love spring. Riding home last night I paused at drinkwater park when I saw a mtber at the top of a biiig steep chute, he backed out of view got a run up and charged down and directly to where I was. A lad about 15 I guess, I asked him how to get to the top, he offered to show me, I had to get back home but he was keen to show off his trails so I agreed. Chatting on the way up he asked why I'd SSed my bike (just because), he does a lot of downhill stuff, steve peat is a friend of the family and they occasionally ride warncliffe together (cool) Whilst at the top a guy I'd seen commuting in the morning came along looked at the chute and asked if there was a "less scary" way down, nope :-) back the way you came I'm afraid. Chatted some more, rode the chute him a lot faster/better than me, then I carried on home. Nice to see more bikers about.
The ride in this morning was a bit special, first of all this made me smile roadworks
Then going through clifton park, a single track bit, fence on one side, a ditch then steep bank full of brambles and shrubs on the other, I come round a corner and there's a deer on the path! He takes off but he can only follow the trail, "right I'm having him" I gave chase. Spent about 30 seconds chasing (and I was gaining) untill a gap in the greenery let him escape. Wow, now that was VERY cool.

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