Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Was looking forward to gettiong offroad again, just a short one tho so I drove up to the meet point, just as I got to horwich I realised I hadn't packed a jacket, doh! too late now. Was looking like I'd have to ride in baselayer and my carrier bag emergency showerproof, fortunatley Si had a spare jersey, phew. Perfect conditions, not a bit of wind, clear skies, not too chilly and for the first time in ages a brilliant view from the pike. Took it nice and easy but as I gently spun up hole in't wall I realised that for an unfit person (which I should be classing myself as at the moment) this climb was pretty hardcore - oops. 2lads and wildeswood are almost completely dry, at times I was reaching summer speeds....and then hitting a mud section where I hung on for dear life and tried to stay loose as it all went squirelly, luckily I made it through. School climb I walked/rode/walked/rode and then ICR to finish, loadsa fun and despite both of us pinging off lots of big rocks no punctures yay!

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