Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Take a chance on me

Just dropped another couple of hundred grams off the blinglespeed, got rid of the tube in the front wheel, not sure the latex is going to seal the paper thin specialized tyres tho, we'll see...on the ride home. Ride in was ace, first xc commute of the year, lovely. Good one at the weekend too, went to the peaks did cavedale, pin dale, quarry works, up hope brink, hope cross, jaggers clough (where we got stuck behind a big group of sloooow moving gee gees) and back up mam tor. Nice day for it, really should ride there more often, in particular ride a few of my well used routes backward - tho not this one, up cavedale? I don't think so. Stripped my heckler down last night trying to track down an annoying creaking sound from the swingarm/BB area. Swingarm off bearings checked nope, BB stripped nope, BB and cranks replaced nope, everything stripped regreased and put back on creaking gone. Answers on a postcard coz I've no idea what it was.

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