Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Just coz I've been resting my knees doesn't mean I've been sat on my arse. Tis the time of year to get all my bikes in tip top useable condition for the riding season. Unfortunately as Johnnie and others have pointed out I'm a bit hamfisted so things didn't exactly run smoothly. Stripped and replaced all seals on my fox shock, been worried about this but was quite easy actually. Replaced bearings in pompino back wheel, no worries. Built a wheel, new rim for my old hope xc hub, got it almost right then broke a nipple. Hmm apparently building wheels with no oil on the spoke threads is a bad move. Ah. Unbuild, replace mangled nips and rebuild, looks OK now, yet to ride. Replaced hub bearings, knocked them all out no probs, replaced freehub bearings with socket and vice easy, knocked the wheel bearings in with hammer and a 20mm socket and then noticed that 1. the socket wasn't quite the right shape, it had slipped and mangled the seals and 2. I had neglected to fit the axle before hammering in the 2nd bearing. Doh. Bearing out axle in bearing in replace seals with old ones spin wheel, sssgrunch sssgrunch, hmm, will do for now but need to replace the bearing that got mullered knocking it in/out/in again. Just fit a headset using a flypress and blocks of wood, having a workshop at work rocks. That's it so far but brakes to be bled, blinglespeed to be built and forks to be serviced.

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