Monday, 14 March 2011

So it's going to be like that is it?

Quite a nice day yesterday wasn't it? Just right for riding, on saturday I'd already decided to downgrade my plans from a big lakes ride to a short blast round rivi, sunday I awoke with a huge bout of coughing, awesome. Charlie's had a cough for a few days now and I had most definitely got it. Walking upstairs had me panting for breath and coughing a lung up. Bugger! OK so scrap the riding, I'll do some painting instead. Getting some stuff from under the stairs I notice a valve on the heating pipe work is leaking, hmm will have to sort that soon. Painting the skirting boards I go to switch off a rad valve and that starts leaking, argh! The day is not going well. Shut everything down, drain the system and off to B&Q for some new valves. Manage to get everything sorted with some advice from Johnnie (cheers) then after re-filling the system one of the stop valves at the boiler starts dripping slightly. Grrrrr, right I'd had enough, a few beers, a soak in a hot bath, some new tunes (kings of leon) and a read of the new singletrack chilled me out and cheered me up. Turns out the drip was just condensation, feeling well rough today tho, got a ride planned next sunday I hope I'm ok for that, I'm looking atleast another week off the bike tho.

Maybe I should run a poll/sweepstake, how many weeks of riding is dave going to miss this year due to illness/injury?


lowey said...

I'll beat you.

D0NK said...

you still not right then?