Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Night riders

Back to regular night rides now, still miserable weather but just as I was leaving I decided to ditch the full on wet weather gear (jacket longs overshoes etc) and go with windproof top and shorts (with knee warmers, I'm not suicidal!) Got upto rivi in reasonable time and met Giles, he's up here on business so may be riding with us for a few months. He says he's into big mileage and isn't fast but he certainly wasn't slow last night on his singlespeed 29er rigid. Jonny got there later and we set off. Weather closed in, some rain and lots of mist, nothing visible from the pike. It was a cracking ride tho, I was riding well, right clothing choice, no mechanicals* and everything just flowed. Upto pike, wildeswood, school climb then ICR. Giles cleaned all the climbs blind and didn't mind ICR which still scares me occasionally, kudos. Night riding back on form woohoo.

*not on the ride anyway, Johnny got flat+mechanical on the way to the meet and I got a slow pucture on the way home.


trio said...

He rides a proper bike?

Shame I missed it, next week!

lowey said...

29'r SS... you lot are all deviants.

GenghisKhan said...

Just stumbled across your entry here, sounds hardcore, off-roading in the wet, misty dark! I assume you have some great lights or even better night vision!

Keep making the rest of us look like the slackers we are!

Peace and happy holidays!